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Men Genuine Automatic Rose Ebony Wooden Watches No Battery Needed



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Rosewood & Ebony Wrist Watch Adjustable Bands Self-Winding Mechanism Sophisticated Feel A Combination of Metal and Wood Simple, Versatile, Sophisticated, and Classic Ideal For Business, Formal Events, Or a Date Suitable For Everyday Use. Splash/Rain Resistant. Free Link Bands Adjustment Tool For Any Wrist Size Watches are remarkable when completing an ensemble, and those made from wood are stylish and sophisticated, and thus apt for this purpose. Check out this stunning timepiece! Beautifully Crafted The combination of rosewood and ebony is incredibly exciting – it marvelously accentuates the visual appeal. The depth of tone in dark black ebony is charming, while the crimson of rosewood looks soothing; the contrast effect is in extremes that look really great. Eye-Catching The striking design features a large dial with the mechanical gears and components clearly showcased as they are embedded underneath. It imparts a cool vibe to the timepiece. Automatic This is a self-winding watch, which provides you with the luxury of not having to worry about whether you need to wind your watch, because as long as you wear it for a certain amount of time each day, the watch winds itself. It does this by using the movement of your body to activate a small piece inside the watch, which subsequently uses that motion to wind the mainspring. Water Resistant Although the watch is water resistant and splash proof, we suggest you don’t submerge the watch for long periods of time since the material is 100% natural wood. The stainless steel construction helps prevent water from going into the delicate inside workings of the watch. Eco-Friendly This analog watch is made using sustainable wood and materials of good quality, with no paint or chemicals that could harm the environment in any way. Premium Quality – Wood watches have gone through many variations in the last few years, their gritty appeal is the captivating factor. Only the finest quality of rosewood and ebony has been used here. Self-Winding – The watch has a self-winding mechanism with a 36-hour power reserve, so it detects motion and winds automatically. It saves you the trouble of buying batteries! Adjustable – The length can be adjusted as per your comfort level thanks to the band adjustment accessory provided. Whatever your wrist size, you can get a perfectly snug fit. Chic Look – The natural woody hues and tones of ebony and rosewood bring about an interesting contrast that looks hip and trendy. The USP is the open design with a transparent body so you can see the mechanical gears embedded in the heart of the watch. Precise Timekeeping – This wooden watch is rated high in terms of accuracy, so you don’t have to miss another meeting or appointment. The watch makes an awesome gift for loved ones. Hurry and place your order immediately! For automatic watch enthusiasts, this is a must have for their collection. Wilds WINM20 MECHANICAL Display: power reserve – hours – minutes – seconds Jewel Bearing: 18 jewels Power Reserve: 36 hours Frequency: 21,600 BPH (beats per hour) Accuracy: +/-3 Seconds/Day Drive System: self-winding (no battery) Dimensions & Materials Wood Frame: 46mm (1.8 in) Glass Face: 30.5mm (1.2 in) Frame Thickness: 13mm (0.5 in) Band Width: 25mm (1.0 in) Frame Material: Rosewood/Ebony Wood/Stainless Steel Band Material: Rosewood & Ebony Wood Time will only tell how much this wood watch will simplify & enhance your days. Make the smart move. Order your Wilds Wood watch now!

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